Translation App Introduction


Piggolo Computer Aided Translation (PCAT) explores. You benefit!

No matter what job you have in the translation field, definitely PCAT can give you an edge in your career.

With PCAT, Work is Transformed from tedious simultaneously typing and translating to editing the content provided. Considering that PCAT's cloud-based machine translation model offers more accuracy than any translation tools , you can expect not much editing job to be done.

Work consistence is enhanced owing to PCAT's constantly developed 'Terminology' feature. Your own terminology list can be created, managed and utilized for your future documents.

Work flexibility is allowed when you can choose to work via desktop, browser or any smart device.

Moreover, PCAT is proudly our Piggolo's translating specillizing AI model which is in constantly thinking, learning and enhancing process to render better quality contents for our esteemed end users.

User instruction

Step 01
Sign in

To start to use our apps, please sign in and top up your needed amount.

Step 02
Content input

Input the content you want to translate in the left handside box.

Step 03
Target language

Choose the language you want to translate to in the tab bar of the right handside box. After inputting content,the translation cost can be seen.

Step 04
Format text

Click 'Format Text' icon if you choose to keep the original document format. Warning: translation cost will increase due to extra characters used for text markup.

Step 05
Translate text

Click the 'Translate' icon to get the job done. You will get a notification asking for your confirmation.

Step 06
Get your text

Your processed content is shown in the right-hand box. You can use 'Copy' icon to copy the content for your usage. You can also find it and your previously translated content in your PCAT's history account. That's pretty much everything.