Text To Speech App Introduction


Piggolo Text-to-speech (PTS)

If you look for a professional voice for your text, our user-friendly and cost-effective PTS is worth your consideration. Our app also offers a collection of voices ranging from male's to female's of 22 most widely-used languages with natural flow, diversed intonation and intensity for you to choose from under two categories 'Super Voices' and 'Great Voices' of different charecteristics and prices.

  • "Great voice": PTS creates raw audio data of natural, human speech. That is, it creates audio that sounds like a person talking.
  • "Super voice": Along with other, traditional synthetic voices, PTS also provides premium generated voices. Users find the super generated voices to be more warm and human-like than other synthetic voices.

User instruction

Step 01
Sign in

To start to use our apps, please sign in and top up your needed amount.

Step 02
Content input

Input your content in the left handside box and choose the language.

Step 03
Select voice

You can browse, listen to and choose the voice for your text in the right handside lists. Two lists of 'Super Voices' and 'Great Voices' of different charecteristics and prices are available for your choice.

Step 04
Click 'Get audio'

Click 'Get audio' to finish you work. Up to 100 audios with their details are kept in your PTS's account history for your future reference.